MW Code of Conduct

Meadowood Stables Code of Conduct

To help Meadowood Stables run more efficiently we ask that all riders follow this Code of Conduct.


  1. Never leave your horse unattended in cross ties. Last minute bathroom trips, searching for your helmet, or other tasks should all be concluded before bringing your horse to the grooming station. Tack and grooming kit should be in the grooming stalls before you bring the horse.
  2. Horses require a thorough cooling down before being put back in their stalls. Sometimes hosing isn’t enough. If a horse is huffing it needs time in the shade to cool down before going to his stall.
  3. When hosing, please be sure to rinse off: saddle and girth area, chest, between the legs and under the tail.
  4. If your horse is huffing while riding, please keep him walking to facilitate his ability to cool himself down.
  5. Please do not tack your horse until 10 minutes before your class. Horses should not be standing in the stall with tack on unless instructed by your instructor.
  6. Proper placement of fly equipment and blankets is essential for a horse’s health and safety. If you are not sure how to place them, please ask your instructor.
  7. After riding, take care of your horse first and then you can put away the equipment.


  1. At the end of your ride please put all your items neatly away.
  2. The four major items we use-halter, bridle, saddle and girth all have id labels on them. Please be sure you are using the correct equipment.
  3. All halters need to be hung by the horse’s stall door with an accompanying lead line.
  4. Grooming kits should have the 6 basic pieces in them when you are done: curry comb, hard brush, soft brush, mane/tail comb, hoof pick, and face brush. If any of these items are missing, please inform your instructor.
  5. Crops need to be put back when done, either in the holder at the upper arena or on top of the tack box by Payton’s stall. Please do not leave them randomly around the barn.
  6. Tack is very expense and requires proper care. Please do not rinse your horse off while still in the bridle as the reins can easily get caught and the leather gets affected by the water.
  7. Fly spray bottles should be kept at the exits of the barn, not at the horses’ stalls.
  8. Bits should be rinsed off at the end of every ride. Use the horse’s water bucket or a spigot located in the barn ensuring that the leather parts do not get wet.