About the Farriers and Vets category

Here you can find a list of farriers and vets, including their phone numbers. They are doing a wonderful job at Meadowood Stables!

Vet Name Vet Phone Number Farrier Name Farrier Phone Number
HayMarket Vet Services 703-754-3309 Matt Evans 571-598-6244
Deepwood Vet-Dr “Tookie” Myers 703-631-9133 Arvin Reynolds 703-895-4786
Full Circle Equine-Dr. Jana Froeling/Haymarket 540-937-1754 Elise Umstead 603-440-8664
Haymarket-Dr. Jessica Williamson 703-754-3309 Steve Walthall 703-851-4373
Haymarket-Dr. Melinda Freckleton (retired) 703-754-3309 (#1) 703-366-6057 (#2) Dusty 703-967-7317
Haymarket-Dr. Sarah Jo Luby 703-754-3309 Chris Covert 540-717-9125
Bryan Smith Bryan Smith